…..On the celebration of Xmas

This subject has constantly generated passion and heated arguments.  Why do we celebrate christmas?

Why have folks not bothered to probe/investigate on the root of their beliefs.  Do we go with something just because it’s been done/practiced for centuries or do we test the spirits as the Bible commands us to do?

Let’s ask these questions:

  1. Where did Christmas all begin?
  2. When did is begin?
  3. What led to the establishment of christmas
  4. Above all, is it scriptural?

If we say the Bible is the basic standard by which we as Christians operate in, then why don’t we consult the Bible?

I do not attend Pastor Kumuyi’s church.  However, i’m 150% in support of what he has said.  See link to the publication: http://www.punchng.com/news/christmas-is-idolatrous-kumuyi/

We cannot and should not believe in something that was sugar-coated and made to look and feel nice to the senses.  This celebration started with a lie, practiced over time and currently looks good to the human reasoning with statements like “wasn’t Jesus born”, “don’t you celebrate your birthday”; and so on…. but the truth is no where in the Bible was “Christmas” ever mentioned.  No where were we instructed to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  

Folks should really learn to be open minded about spiritual stuff and thoroughly investigate what they claim to believe.

Like the Bible says….”My people perish for lack of knowledge”.  The Bible also instructs us who are called by the name of Jesus Christ to come out of this mystery babylonian teachings and beliefs.


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