This video tends to portray Joel as supporting Gays. I do hope not….Really! In as much as i’m totally against the movement of gays or the act in itself, there’s something Joel said that struck me, and that is the fact that God loves everyone and wishes everyone turns to Him. In that sense, i’m in support of him.

Now, Grace is unmerited favour. We all know we all have fallen short of the Glory of God. Grace cannot be Grace if we believe we deserve God’s righteousness by the works of our own deeds.

Based on the definition of Grace viz-a-viz the new order of God’s covenant (love and not by the laws of men – 10 commandments), God will most definitely look down on all of us in His love but will admonish us to turn a new leaf and walk in His ways.

Hebrews 8:12 states – For I will be merciful and gracious toward their sins and I will remember their deeds of unrighteousness no more.

This verse speaks of God’s covenant under the new arrangement of Grace.

Now, despite this new covenant, God leads us (born again, believing christians) in the Spirit. Gayism is not a way of God and God will never lead us to perform such an act, except the flesh in us by us yielding to it. However, if any christian is engaged in such an act, God’s love and in His mercy is powerfuly enough to turn that person anew, only if that person is willing to renew his ways and thinking.

A christian (born again, spirit filled) is one with God but that does not mean that person does not sin. Sin in itself is a part of the flesh in you but not YOU! When you want to talk about who you really are, look at your Spirit that God dwells in. As a born again christian, your spirit is made so perfect that God is able to dwell in it. Remember, God abhors sin. Now if God abhors sin, it means if your spirit is sinful, He cannot stay there. By inference, YOU are sinless but your flesh is sinful.

Man is a spirit, possesses a soul and lives in a body. Your body is where the sin part dwells. However, your soul is to be renewed towards the ways of the spirit on a daily basis. As Christians, we are to walk in the spirit via our souls. As we do that, we tend to be more like God and abhor doing those things God detests.

Gays / Lesbians even though could be christians, are obviously not walking in the spirit but flesh inclined.

Joel should really man up and say what is right and not try to be politically correct. He should call a spade a spade.


The bible expressly says such people will not enter the kingdom of God. Nobody walking in the flesh will experience a spirit filled heavenly life.

Heaven and even hell are both in the realm of the spirit, which should they choose?

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