You have been Forgiven of ALL your sins ONCE and FOR ALL

Eph 1:7.

We are forgiven of our sins according to God’s riches in Grace and not according to our continuous confessions of sins (which is considered as “self efforts” or “works”)

The Law of double jeopardy applies here. An offense cannot be tried twice. Jesus died for us once and for all and our sins were tried and judged once @ the cross for our PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE sins.

So brethren, walk with confidence knowing that you are now under no condemnation of even ur current and future sins that you haven’t even yet committed. Walk with the consciousness that you are the righteousness of God thru Christ Jesus.

In the days of the Law (old testament), the people depended on the high priest to be without blemish and spotless to be able to go into the Holy of Holies once a year for the covering of sins. God looked @ the people thru the sacrifices of the high priest. If the sacrifice was blemished, the people would be judged and purnished. However, if the sacrifices were accepted by God, He considers the people righteous and blesses them. Now that was a type or shadow of the covenant with Jesus who was to be our High Priest. God looked @ them righteous because of the sacrifices which had to be repeated every year. God saw them as holy even though they sinned continuously. God blessed them for as long as the sacrifices were acceptable.

If God could bless irrespective of their sins based on the acceptable sacrifices, how much more the sacrifice made by a spotless lamb, a Holy God, a man who was made sin for our sakes so that we can be righteous forever?

Remember the law stated the blessings if you obeyed the law and the curses if you disobeyed the law (if one even as much broke one law, he is guilty of the whole law). There was no way man could be perfect in order to completely obey the law, that was why God brought a way out by the offering of sacrifices. God brought this way of sacrifices because of His love for mankind.

But praise God for Jesus who offered himself as a worthy and spotless sacrifice.

What I’m I saying? Irrespective of your sins, believe you are already forgiven forever. Accept the gift of GRACE which is the root of your righteousness and walk constantly and consciously in that light.

When you walk in Grace; with absolute and deep consciousness of GRACe, you will eventually stop doing those things you used to do that was considered sin.

“Believing right will lead to living right”

It’s all about “BELIEVING” the gift of GRACE that produces right living and not “Doing” right that produces right living

GRACE is Jesus and Jesus is GRACE


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