Who do you think you are?

In the beginning, the earth was with void and the Holy Spirit moved before God spoke. Notice the Holy Spirit first moved before God spoke. Which means that if the Holy Spirit had not moved and God spoke, nothing would have happened. Remember the Bible says “Not by power nor by might but by my Spirit”

In light of this truth above, recognize who you are in Christ and the power you possess. The Bible says “He has not given you the Spirit of fear but of POWER, Love and of sound mind”. My emphasis is on the POWER you possess as a BORN AGAIN christian.

1. You have been created in the image and likeness of God.

2. Your body is the temple of God so therefore, the Holy Spirit and the POWER of GOD abides in you as a BORN AGAIN christian

3. The Bible says as a born again christian, you are a KING and PRIEST by the Blood of Jesus, unto God. So therefore, whatever you speak as a KING, it is carried out

4. You have additional powers – GOD’s WORDS and PROMISES, to proclaim and declare as a KING with the Holy Spirit residing in you.

5. You have the authority in the name of JESUS to bind on earth as it is bound in heaven and loose on earth as it is loosed in heaven.

6. When you realize the above (created in the Image and Likeness of God; the power of God residing in you; being a king with additional powers of the word of God with the authority of Jesus), you can and shall decree and declare a thing and it can and shall come to pass

My brethren, do not underrate yourself, do not allow one useless demon or devil somewhere to deal with you. The finished work of Jesus on the cross has taken care of everything.

You are a co-heir with Christ, seated jointly with Christ @ the right hand of God far far far above all principalities and powers.

So walk talk, walk strong, walk in confidence in the Lord Jesus and the power of His might and the fact that His spirit abides in you.

If you are not Born Again (haven’t confessed Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour), now is the time.

Pls say this out loud “Father, I come before you in humility, to ask that you come into my life as my Lord and Saviour. Renew my spirit, write my name in the book of life and wash me with your precious blood. Thank you father, now I am born again”

It’s that simple!!

Be Blessed; Shalom!

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