SOCIALISM! The Scarlet Red Beast

“…and I saw a woman sit upon a
full of names of blasphemy.”
Revelation 17:3

The Scarlet
Red Beast

Don’t you believe
Communism is dead!
Marx and Lenin and Mao
never had it so good.
Even in the West, this prophecy
is frighteningly true!

By Ken Raggio

Are we witnessing a Resurrection of Socialism?
…or maybe it never died?

(Note: I wrote this article in 1998, and added a couple of items at the bottom in 2007. The truth in this is FAR more evident today that it was then!)
When the Berlin Wall fell, the USSR disbanded, and the “Iron Curtain” disappeared, headlines around the world screamed,”Communism is Dead!”
But a close inspection of what really happened harshly contradicts that conclusion.
Even though Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for triggering the “Velvet Revolution” in which hard-line Communism appeared to suffer a fatal blow, the facts are not so impressive.
In an interview with Time magazine six months later, Gorbachev contradicted the popular notion that the Velvet Revolution was the death of socialism, by saying that was the “farthest thing from the truth.”
So… If believing that the Velvet Revolution was the death of Communism “was the farthest thing from the truth,” then what IS the truth?
Was the Velvet Revolution in fact the TRIUMPH of socialism?
“We are not retreating from socialism but we are moving toward it.”
In June, 1990, Gorbachev told Time, “Often people ask where we are going, whether we are retreating from socialism or moving toward socialism.
Our point…is to make good on the potential of the socialist idea. The very fact that I am saying this is further proof that I am a convinced socialist.
I am a communist. I’m sure that doesn’t make you too enthusiastic, but it shouldn’t make you panic either. It’s quite normal.”
He continued, “As we dismantle the Stalinist system, we are not retreating from socialism but are moving toward it.”
Socialism – Prelude to Trouble?
The first socialism was in Germany in 1863, in the form of a workers’ party.
By 1870, most European countries had a socialist party.
When the Bolshevik Revolution took place in Russia in 1917, the philosophical dispute was over how fast Socialism should take over — gradually or by revolution.
The revolutionists won. V. I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky became god-like heroes.
The Proletariat, the labor unions, and the Socialist parties were the hot topics.
Unfortunately, the socialist uprising early in this century was a prelude to World Wars I & II, the Russian Revolution, totalitarianism, Stalinism, Hitler’s rise to power, the Cold War, the Chinese Cultural Revolution. These communist revolutions costs TENS OF MILLIONS of innocent lives!
The New Revolution
The first socialistic takeover was imposed on the world through revolution. But the modern socialist revolution is advancing very rapidly in a different way.
By convincing an electorate that has been re-educated – propagandized – persistently over the last fifty years, this socialism is being dubbed “Democratic Socialism” or neo-socialism.
“If Socialism is dead, why won’t it lie down?”
Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of News Corp., one of the world’s largest news agencies, spoke to a recent Forbes CEO conference and made this statement, “If Socialism is dead, why won’t it lie down?”
In his speech, entitled, “The New Class: Reinventing Socialism,” Murdoch said, “Socialism is not dead, but alive and well and living in the regulatory agencies.”
The “New Class” he refers to is the massive collective of government bureaucrats, media moguls and journalists, lawyers, politicians, academia and the super-rich who become a powerful special interest group, much like the high-powered insiders of Stalin and Hiltler’s regimes.
Less than 20% of the population controls the nation’s destiny, and enjoys its wealth, while the other eighty percent have little or no say in their affairs.
Classic communism meant public ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange.
“Socialism in that sense is dead. No one talks about nationalizing industries any more.
No one has to nationalize industries — because the extraordinary growth of regulation has given effective control of them to the government without its having to assume the hassle of ownership.
Socialism has effectively reinvented itself. We can call it ‘Neosocialism.’ And it’s right here under our nose,” Murdoch said. The rise of the New Class is ominous.
The “Post Capitalist Society”
Ironically, Peter Drucker wrote in Post Capitalist Society, “If socialism is defined, as Marx defined it, as ownership of the means of production by the employees, the United States has become the most ‘socialist’ country around.”
He was referring to the fact that employee pension plans now constitute a huge segment of the stock market.
But in the final analysis, it is NOT the common man that rules in neosocialism.
It is the faceless, anonymous investment analysts and managers – members of the NEW CLASS.
Existence of the New Class means Capitalism has NOT triumphed.
Murdoch explained, “The New Class is also a party political phenomenon. Many commentators are puzzled by the success of Center-Left parties — in Britain, the United States, Canada — at a time when capitalism was supposed to have triumphed. Well, one answer is that capitalism has not triumphed.
Neosocialism is triumphing. And the parties that are most firmly based on the new social force that underlies it are reaping the benefits.”
Regulation through the Media
Noam Chomsky, in “What Uncle Sam Really Wants” said, “The cultural managers (editors, leading columnists, etc.) share class interests and associations with state and business managers and other privileged sectors. There is, in fact, a regular flow of high-level people among corporations, government and media.”
Regulation through Litigation
Again, Murdoch observed, “Here in the U.S., of course, we have a characteristically American touch: regulation through litigation.
Trial lawyers (with a little help from the way legislators write the laws) become in effect private vigilantes, enforcing neosocialist writ. It takes a lawyer — a whole village of lawyers — to create the ludicrous situations we now see.”
Westerners falsely assume that global civilization is moving toward a way of life similar to the traditional American Dream — home and car ownership, private enterprise, freedoms of religion, speech and press, political choices, and so forth.
But gigantic corporate mergers result in the absorption of whole industries into the hands of a few heavily- regulated mega-corporations.
The individual is getting smaller and smaller. Even religious freedoms are being legislated against in America, Russia, Germany, Israel, and all around the world.
The spread of Socialism worldwide is truly alarming.
The Great Deception constantly being peddled in the media and press in the West constantly declare that Communism has fallen, the Cold War is over, and free market economics are the wave of the future.
But pernicious symptoms of socialism exist worldwide: extreme taxation and crushing regulations.
Pernicious Symptoms: Taxation and Regulation
Taxation in most Developed Nations is around 50% of earnings, This proves that the state has already confiscated and now holds a controlling interest in our perceived freedoms. That is NOT freedom.
In Stockholm, Sweden, for instance, Municipal taxes are 30%, National taxes are 25 %, Social Security taxes add another 5.95%, for a total taxation of 61% of income! Wealthy Swedes are immigrating to other countries to avoid going broke. Japans’ gross taxation is around 64%.
The Chart at right lists fifteen of the largest national economies in the world, and reveals that all have taxation rates between 40% and 60%, nearly ALL over 50%.
European Socialism
“In the European Union alone, thirteen of the fifteen countries are governed by a center-left (socialist minded) administration, or by a coalition that includes the center-left,” (The European, (6/11/97); Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, UK.
Significantly, Paris and London are now both controlled by Socialists.
The European Union finally has a single currency, the Euro… And, “it was senior socialist politicians – above all Francois Mitterand and Jacques Delors – who drew up the single currency blueprint in the first place,” said Hilary Clark, in The European Magazine.
UN hosts the Socialists International Congress
The United Nations is controlled by Socialists.
The United Nations has always been predominately Socialist.
Every Secretariat-General since its inception has been a Socialist.
Socialist nations hold the overwhelming majority.
The Twenty Second Congress of the Socialists International was held in 1997 in the United Nations building itself, with the most powerful, elite, and influential socialists in the world in attendance. Shimon Peres of Israel is one of its Vice Presidents.
Socialism is the regime of the Antichrist — a scarlet colored beast.
Peter Drucker cynically calls socialism, “Salvation by Society.”
This Scarlet Red Beast CANNOT save mankind, however.
In fact, the Bible clearly shows that it is the color of the government of the Antichrist.
John tells us in Revelation 17:3,4, “So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a SCARLET COLORED BEAST, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color.”
The scarlet beast is the world government from which the Antichrist will ascend.
The woman riding the beast is the Great Whore — the false religion of the last days.
Take note that not only is the beast scarlet colored, but the woman who rides the beast is also wearing scarlet color.
Red Socialism in Roman Catholicism
In 1931, Pope Pius XI said, “Whether considered as a doctrine, or as an historical fact, or as a movement, Socialism, if it really remains Socialism, cannot be brought into harmony with the dogmas of the Catholic church. Religious Socialism, Christian Socialism, are expressions implying a contradiction in terms.”
But that was 1931. Things have changed unbelievably. Today, the Jesuits of the Catholic Church are among the most vocal revolutionary Socialists in the world, peddling their Liberation Theology from the jungles of Central America to the Congress Halls of Washington D.C.
In “Windswept House,” Malachi Martin claimed that Socialists now dominate the Magisterium, the Vatican Hierarchy.
Catholics and Communists are strange bedfellows, but it had to be, because the Bible prophesied that the woman would wear red!
Socialism is Global
Today, Socialism dominates Russia, Georgia, Lithuania – all the Slavic states. Communism still controls more than one billion Chinese, North Koreans, and Eastern Asians. Socialism is all over Europe.
Since World War II, virtually of all the colonies and nations of Africa, Central and South America have converted to socialism.
Both London and Paris have had Socialist governments for many years.
The reason most Americans do not realize the penetration of socialism worldwide is because it usually comes with other political names.
In Britain, it was Tony Blair’s Labour Party. In Germany, it was Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and Social Democrats and their allies, the Greens, in the United States, it is in the Labor Unions, the Democratic Party, the Liberation Theology of the Roman Catholic Church, and of course, the Communist and Socialist Parties!
In South Africa, it was Nelson Mandela, in Nicaragua, it is the Sandinistas, in Haiti it was Catholic Priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his Liberation Theology. World-wide, socialism is spreading in the “green” movement [spurred in the beginning by Mikhail Gorbachev], the environmentalists, “the global warming” crowd, and the most of liberal extremism.
Judi McLeod of the CanadaFreePress published an article in 2006 linking Mikhail Gorbachev and the San Francisco “State of the World Forum” – a globalist-socialist think-tank headquartered at our sacred Presidio, to powerful democrats who are presently sitting in very high places in Washington DC – Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and others. The RED BEAST is invading our Capitol!
Chairman Mao said, “Put politics in command.”
The names change, but the theories stay the same.
Americans think that anything with the names “Democratic” or “Republic” refers to the traditional American way. ” Wrong! There are “Democratic Socialists” and “Socialist Republics” galore.
Just because a nation gets to go to the polls and elect their leaders does not mean that they have a real choice to elect from. Socialism is getting its airing under many different guises. Any American now realizes that there is only a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Both sides are now on the left.
Varying mixes of capitalism and state control, land reforms, centralized economic planning, often through a one-party state continue to creep into international politics.
A quick appraisal of the geo-political landscape around the world reveals the fact that Socialism has already swallowed up the majority of the nations of the world.
At this writing, about seventy-two nations are experiencing upheavals of war. In the majority of cases, Socialism is at least one of the major forces at issue. (Islam is the second.)
In several cases, the outcome will ultimately be determined by United Nations “peacekeeping” forces. And since the UN is predominately Socialistic, we can be certain that socialism will finally prevail in them all.
Because the Bible says that the endtime world government has to be RED!

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