Grace and God’s righteousness – think about it

Isaiah 54:17
1 Cor 15:34

When you were in the world as a sinner, your good deeds did not change your status as a sinner. Reverse this. As a born again christian, your bad deeds will not change your new nature as the righteousness of God thru christ Jesus.

For its not your works (going to church, helping the needy, being kind, etc) that makes you righteous, but your FAITH in Jesus, God’s gift (Grace) and Jesus’ exchange at the cross that made you righteous.

So believe and receive God’s righteousness. Be established in God’s Righteousness.

Failure, guilt, condemnation and sin should not stop you from being the righteousness of God cos the blood of Jesus constantly cleanses you.

This is not to promote sin but the reality is that when you stand established as the righteousness of God, you will fall in line with God and sin will disappear without you knowing it, as you will begin to produce the fruit of righteousness. Sin will have no dominion over you.

When you believe the right thing, you can live the right way. Don’t let religion talk you into condemnation, constant guilt and fear of rejection. People who have these feelings, are the people that end up practicing sin.

Think about it…..

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