Set yourself FREE from the strong men

Have you ever wondered why things go wrong in your life? Have you ever thought that God is very far from you? It could be that your life is being controlled by demons without you knowing it.

It’s time for you to take control of your life by returning to Jesus, repenting of your sins and then taking control in Jesus name.

Luke 10:19
Get into victory in your life by knowing the Power of God that belongs to YOU to thread upon serpents and scorpions that affect your daily life and by no means shall they hurt you.

I apply the Blood of Jesus on your life as you read and apply this.

You need to discern and identify the spirits that control your life so that you can take authority in Jesus name over them and cast them out.

The strong men (principalities) are to be identified and cast out. Strong men have dominions and as you discern and deal with them, their smaller demons under them are cast out.

Jesus delt with the strong men directly rather than the smaller demons. So you can do the same in Jesus name as Jesus said “greater works shall you do…”

1. Demon of Jealousy –
Numbers 35:11-14
Numbers 5:11-14
Proverbs 6:34-35
Murder, anger, rage, revenge, competition, suspicion

2. Lying Spirit –
Religious spirit, superstitions, false prophecies and false prophets, attention seeking people, people wanting recognition, always interrupting meetings and conversations, don’t know how to listen
2 Chronicles 18:22
Jeremiah 23:14,15,16.
Ezekiel 12:24

3. Familiar Spirit –
Astrology, horoscope, fortune telling, occult, etc
1 Samuel 28:7
Deut 18:10-12

4. Spirit of perversion –
Hates God, strong lust after women, men living in error, never seeing the truth, spiritual blindness, twisting the word of God
Isaiah 19:14
Proverbs 14:2
Proverbs 23:33
Acts 13:10

5. Spirit of heaviness –
Grief, Despare, hopelessness, rejection, self pity, gluttony, gloominess, depression

6. Spirit of idolatry –

7. Spirit of Infirmity –

8. Spirit of prostitution –

9. Spirit of suicide –
Lunatics, madness, deaf and dumb, seizures

10. Spirit of fear –
Terror, torment, worry, phobias, fear of height, nightmares, intimidation, timidity, feeling of inadequacy, sense of danger

Chixy –
Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

Chixy –
Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.


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