End time global events

Conversation in a group:

Every 7 yr intervals, from 2001 911, serious events have taken place. 2008 was the crash of capitalism

Also read Rev about the 4 horse riders being the movements of our times. White horse (catholism as symbolised by their white rob); Red horse (communism as symbolised by their red colour eg russia and china); black horse (capitalism which we have just witnessed its death) den the green or pale horse, the rider being death(islam. Look @ most islamic nations, their colour is green). We have just entered the era of islam, also symbolised with violence and death.

The anti christ according to studies will come from an islamic nation. Most likely Syria as stated in the bible. See events happening in syria now

But note dat d bible also talks about the “whore” that has corrupted multitudes. The “whore” that sits on seven hills dat wears a scalet and purple robe. That whore is a city. Only one city in the world is surrounded by seven hills. Dat city is d vatican. Notice catholic cardinals wear scalet (red) robes while their bishops wear purple robes. The false prophet shall come from the vatican

Already, the pope and the saudi king are in collabo to create a new religion (already created) in the name of peace. Its called “Chrislam”

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