The Outrageous Claims of Evolutionism – Ken Raggio

The Outrageous
Claims of Evolutionism

The theory of evolution is not only unscientific,
it is impossible. Consider this.
By Ken Raggio
One of these statements must be eternally true:

1.    In the empty darkness of the eternal, pre-universal past, infinite spirit DID NOT exist.

2.    In the empty darkness of the eternal, pre-universal past, infinite spirit DID exist.

If you chose to believe the first statement, that spirit DID NOT exist, you are an atheist. You choose to believe that the universe came into existence without any logic, order or controlling influence.

There are plenty of atheists in the world today.

I was eating breakfast at about 6:30 one morning in a hotel restaurant in Belize City, in Central America. An elderly gentleman at the next table struck up a conversation. Within minutes, he had invited himself to my table. Charles was a feisty 83 years old, and I quickly learned that he had flown bomber missions in World War Two.

Charles wasted no time telling how he was orphaned as a child, enlisted in the military at seventeen, went to Harvard on a government scholarship, and eventually earned three Masters Degrees and married a beautiful woman almost twenty years his junior. As a horticulturist and chemist, Charles completely dismissed the possibility of a higher power. I asked him if he had ever read the Bible, and he arrogantly informed me that he didn’t read fiction!

We engaged in a vigorous conversation for nearly an hour. I looked for an opening in his thought processes. He had effectively built a wall of arguments against any notion of God. Not that any of them had any serious logic to them. He had bitter defense mechanisms dating back to the loss of his parents and crusty wisecracks as old as his painful war experiences. Not a smidgen of thoughtful consideration of worthy truths and not a hint of spiritual perception anywhere.

I shook hands with Charles and wished him well. But in my heart, I wished I had the time to sit with him for the day, and press him hard to explain some things to me.

If there is no God, then everything we see and know in the universe is entirely:
Typically, an atheist believes that it makes far more sense to believe that despite incredible odds to the contrary, everything evolved mindlessly into its present form. On the surface, the mathematical possibilities may appear to justify such an argument.

Let’s look at that argument for a few moments.

In 1996, the news media reported that there was life on Mars three million years ago. Not plant or animal life, but a single cell smaller than bacteria. They theorized that it came to earth on a potato-sized rock.

NASA Administrator Dan Goldin claimed that tiny fossils of Martian organisms were present in a meteorite they believe landed in Antarctica 13,000 years ago. A golf-ball-sized chunk of the meteorite, labeled ALH84001, was displayed in a clear plastic case at a national news conference.

For two years, scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Stanford University examined the 4.2 pound meteorite for traces of organic molecules and carbon compounds – the building blocks of life on earth. They believed the rock formed under the Mars’ surface about 4.5 billion years ago.

Between 3.6 billion and 4 billion years ago, water penetrated fractures in the rock and deposited carbonate materials (they say). They believe living organisms may have been involved in the formation of the carbonate, and some of the microscopic organisms may have fossilized in the rock. Inside microscopic globs of carbonate, they found polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – or PAHs – mineral compounds associated with microscopic organisms and possible microscopic fossils.

Photographs show the carbonate as orange-brown in color with black and white rims. “Compounds in these rims are very similar to those produced on earth by bacteria. The simplest explanation is that these are products of micro-organisms on Mars,” Kathie Thomas-Keprta of Lockheed-Martin said at the briefing.

Even members of the investigative team were skeptical. Stanford University’s Richard Zare noted that PAHs are present on earth in non-organic substances such as diesel exhaust, candle soot or even charred meat. It is possible that these substances originated on earth.
At issue, in my opinion, is the amazing public zeal to throw out the Biblical concepts of divine creation to believe anything else.

These announcements unleashed a fury of conjectures. For instance, the UFO cults had a field day with this. They were crying, “I told you so!” and resurrecting the “Martian-invasion” images of Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” infamy.

Others dared to go so far as to suggest that life on earth actually originated on Mars, and was imported to this planet.

If that is true, then we are being asked to believe that life could first of all be miraculously catapulted with rocket force out of Mars gravitational field. We must then believe that it can survive a 150,000,000 mile journey through space, plunge into the earth’s atmosphere at several thousand miles per hour, experience white-hot friction of hundreds of degrees, impact in snowy ices of Antarctica for centuries, yet still evolve into every plant, animal and human species on earth!

These same people will not believe that God parted the Red Sea.

The American public is being bamboozled in a most sophisticated way. NASA’s hype in this outrageous fraud was useful for soliciting billions of dollars from Congress to continue to explore Mars.

Meanwhile, a national (and global) denial of the creation of the universe by a living God is being perpetrated. Then President Clinton said, “I am determined that the American space program will put its full intellectual power and technological prowess behind the search for further evidence of life on Mars. If this discovery is confirmed it will surely be one of the most stunning insights into our universe that science has ever uncovered.” (Emphasis mine) Note that it was being called evidence before it was confirmed.

The late Carl Sagan, renowned atheist scientist and Professor at Cornell University and author of ‘Cosmos’, enthusiastically agreed, while admitting that the organic chemicals reported in the study “are not evidence of life.”

Not evidence? So, what’s the point?

There is a major socio-political coup being orchestrated by the atheistic powers that be. One crowd says in effect that Martians are real, while another group insinuates we are descended from Martians! I should remind you that Darwin’s theories of evolution have never yet been proven!

We have far more reason to believe Moses’ account of creation than reasons NASA will ever have to support its theories. From the time of Moses unto this day, there are thousands of years of archaeological and historical evidences supporting the Biblical version of world history.

According to Hubert P. Yockey, author of “Information Theory and Molecular Biology”, “Proposals by both reduction mechanists and dialectical materialists for the required time to generate a “primeval soup” of prebiotic carbon compounds on a “suitable” planet vary from 100 million years to a billion.”

What does that mean? Scientists admit that it would take between one-hundred million years and one billion years in an IDEAL environment just to produce the basic building blocks of higher life forms.

I am no statistician, nor am I a molecular biologist, but I did learn in junior high school the fantastic power of exponential mathematics. Every variable in an equation increases the possibilities of resolution by one exponent.

In other words, if a problem has one variable, that is X1. If it has two variables, the possibilities are squared, or X2. Three possibilities, increase to an exponent of 3, or X3. If a Chevrolet has a thousand parts, what are the odds it will still be running in a million years?

Now if it takes 100 million years to produce the building block of life (X1), and we start adding all the other variables, let’s see where time goes. I will suggest some of the simplest variables as they come to mind:

1.    The environment on the earth must remain consistent to support life without interruption for 100 million to 1 billion years.

2.    Those primitive life forms must be replicated into equivalent and matching male and female forms of the same species. That is a HUGE (actually a multiple) variable.

3.    Both male and female forms must survive in the same habitat for hundreds of millions of years to evolve into the human form we know today.

4.    Every generation must be healthy, mature and capable of reproduction AND find a suitable mate.

5.    Every generation must survive all the harshest environmental challenges, sicknesses, diseases, hostile environmental factors, dangerous beasts, fires, storms, violence, drought, famine, ice ages, et cetera, that can possibly occur over a period of billion and billions of years.

6.    Mutations must occur with certain regularity, consistency and reproductive success to forward the so-called evolution of the species.

7.    8.9.10. Just add your own variables. There are easily thousands.

Yet today, we have several thousand years worth of human corpses that reflect virtually no profound changes from ancient man to modern man.

We still have absolutely NO evidence of missing links between humans and monkeys. There are plenty of other missing links down the hypothetical line of ancestors.

How many eons of time must transpire for a carbon molecule to create an amoeba, then mutate healthily into a fish, mutate healthily into a frog, mutate healthily into a monkey, mutate healthily into a man having almost 100 TRILLION living cells all working in perfect symphony.

Give me a break.

Let me go ahead and bottom-line it. If you put 100 million years to an exponent of even TEN legitimate variables, you are talking about 100 million years times 100 million years times 100 million years times 100 million years times 100 million years times 100 million years times 100 million years times 100 million years times 100 million years times 100 million years.

OK. What does that come out to? So long a time that only a brain-damaged moron could believe it actually happened that way!

And I suggest the exponential factor is far more than TEN! Why not TEN BILLION variables, with an exponent of ten billion? That isn’t altogether illogical! How much is a hundred million with an exponent of ten billion?

So what is the alternative possibility? GOD MADE IT! That’s what!

Is THAT harder to believe than a jillion, jillion years? I think not!

While NASA officials flaunt these outrageous interplanetary rocks, why doesn’t someone wave some photos of
the mysterious shadowy remains on Mount Ararat where the Bible says Noah’s Ark landed, or
the Ziggurat ruins of Babel, twenty-five miles south of Baghdad, Iraq, where the Bible says the ancient tower of Babel was built, or
take any tour bus in Israel to see the fallen Jericho walls. I saw them with my own eyes, even though the secular tour guide was emphatic to say they were not the Jericho walls of Bible fame!
We even have video footage of Pharaoh’s chariots and other artifacts laying on the bottom of the Red Sea!
Amazingly, nobody wants to believe these stories, because they come from the Bible, but they can believe that mankind evolved from absolute ZERO to a ROCKET SCIENTIST in a few billion years. Not a chance in trillions.

The same people who deny the God of miracles nevertheless believe in millions of random accidents far more fantastic than any miracle in the Bible! It is the fool who says in his heart “there is no God.”

Look at it this way:

This infinitely brilliant, infinitely powerful God created this infinitely wonderful universe and scooped into the dust of the earth and created this infinitely amazing creature called man. Then man looked up into His face and said, “I vehemently deny that you exist.”

Go figure.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the spirit of God was the spirit of Life.


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