“Ask and it shall be given…..”

The subject matter refers.
Who said God’s word doesn’t work? Who said He is not faithful to His words?

I have just been a witness, with a direct experience. I had been praying for God’s mercy to provide the means to pay my children’s school fees of which I never knew where the money would come from. God was my only hope.

My wife had being so so worried, crying everynight, wondering where N600,000 was going to come from. I had been placed on suspension at my work place, cutting off all income, no source watsoever for more than two months. My only source was from above. I prayed most nights hoping for a miracle.

This afternoon, I got a call from my wife that a close relative of ours decided to bless us with a third of the amount, just like that. There could be no other reason than to acknowledge that the Good Lord had heard my prayers.

I give him the praise and thanksgiving, knowing that, as I ask of Him, it shall be given onto me.

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